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Bridge Service Corp. has been in business since January 1994. The company was founded by Angela Fletcher and Seth Schlusberg, with over 10 years of experience each, with the mission of providing superior customer service while maintaining a competitive price structure.

One of our goals was to establish a place of business that was pleasant for us to come to every day. Our staff works in an easygoing environment that allows for friendly and excellent personal customer service.

We enjoy providing top-notch service to clients that appreciate our hard work and dedication. We specialize in Corporate, Real Estate and Lien research and recording services nationwide. In 4 of the 5 counties comprising New York City, we also perform Court and Agency filing and search services.

Bridge is a quick response organization, offering a superior combination of personal service and a competitive price. Our professional staff is available to answer all inquiries regarding any area of the services we provide. Your projects are handled quickly and efficiently. Estimates are available upon request. Invoices are sent with final reports in all cases.

Compare us with your present vendor. Take a look at our price list. Compare the level of service and the technical expertise of our staff. Perhaps most importantly, compare the bottom line of our invoice with that of our competitors. We think we will come out on top and we are prepared to prove that to you.

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Bridge Service Corp.

299 Broadway, Suite 1508

New York, NY  10007-2001

Tel: (800) 225-2736

Fax: (888) 267-8680




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