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Research & Recording



Searches conducted under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code or for tax liens, judgments and litigation are handled quickly and accurately. All documents are reviewed for accuracy and legibility before they are sent to you. Recordings are handled on a next business day basis upon request in all jurisdictions nationwide at no additional fee. We will outline recording date, file number and jurisdictions in a written report and provide the actual acknowledgment or equivalent of each document.


Real Estate


We determine or verify ownership of a particular parcel, provide abstracts or copies of the deed and any open mortgages, judgments or other liens. We provide chain of title searches but do not issue title insurance policies. Real Estate documents are submitted on a next business day basis upon request at no additional fee. We will examine deeds and assignments carefully to prevent needless rejection or other problems at the time of recording. We will attempt to verify that proper tax returns and other supporting documentation are included with conveyance documents. Our experience allows us to advise you of particular requirements or problems with recordations in specific jurisdictions.


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